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10 Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

newly remodeled small bathroom

Do you have a bathroom that could use some major upgrades? Remodeling might be easier than you think. Here are 10 of the best small bathroom remodeling tips to help you with that special project.

1. The Shape of Things to Come

When you think of the shape of things, for a tiny bathroom, consider corners and curves. When your features have fewer angles and edges, moving around in a small space is easier. Plus, the softness creates a cleaner and wider appearance in such a tiny space.

2. Choosing a Color

When picking out a color for your small bathroom, think light and bright. A dark room will always appear to be smaller. White is a popular color choice—especially for smaller bathrooms. And white walls are easier to clean, simply because it’s easier to see the dirt and grime before it even has a chance to build up.

3. Move Those Shelves

Put the cabinet space under a bathroom sink to good use by installing shelves there. It’s the perfect space to store and organize towels and bathroom supplies. And this can help you free up your countertop space, creating a cleaner appearance.

4. One Sink Solution

Sure, having more than one sink in an ensuite bath or in a larger bathroom makes a lot of sense, and it can be extremely beneficial there. In a tiny area, however, only having one sink saves valuable space. And with a single-sink bathroom you can still utilize under-sink storage shelving as mentioned above.

5. Drawers to Declutter

We all have those so-called “junk drawers,” and it’s time for us to get rid of them. If it’s junk, just toss it out. If you need it, organize it. One way to do that is by using shelving that pulls out from a drawer.

6. Use Your Wall Space

The space above your toilet is often wasted and not used at all. Instead, it can become storage space. Shelving or cabinets with easy-to-open doors can be attractive and practical, as it helps maximize the limited space you have available.

7. Unique Storage for Small Spaces

One of the biggest issues when remodeling a small bathroom is creating the most useful space possible. There’s nothing worse than not even having enough room to store your hairdryer and makeup kit. So, sometimes that may mean that you have to look at things from a different angle—literally! For example, if your space has a tight but empty corner, use it!  That could just be the perfect place to install some built-in corner shelves there. 

8. Baskets Are Your Friends

Baskets can be fantastic organizational devices. They tend to fit easily on shelves that are under a sink, yet they are also attractive enough to be seen sitting out on the shelves in the corners of your bathroom, or on the shelves above the toilet too.

9. Go With Glass

Get rid of that shower curtain and use glass shower doors instead. The light shining through the glass, as well as its semi-transparency, create an illusion of having added space in a tiny bathroom. Maybe it’s only an illusion, but in such a small area, every trick counts!

10. Mirror, Mirror on The Wall 

Mirrors, like glass shower doors, create the appearance of having more space. What you are actually seeing of course is simply the reflection of the space, but it tricks the eye. And at times, that’s really all you need; a trick to make you think and feel like you’re in a bigger space than you actually are.